Hello. I have played for a while and the only thing that I’ve found seriously bad about this game is that it’s completely missing a story. Just nothing. It’s only plain bosses - you’re hunting the for no reason. What about adding some dialogues, additional quests, cinematics or maybe even some other NPC’s? Thanks for replying and your time.

Well many would ask for it but I think it may not be in this game. That being said, there is another game in development that could possibly have a story.

Even though I expected the story, somehow I was hooked because of gameplay mechanics as gameplay is sometimes more important but the story is a nice bonus.

Totally hear where you are coming from! Working to fix this for our next title, as well as adding in several other highly requested features.

Thanks for taking the time to post on our forum, we appreciate it!


You mean DQ2 or something new? That sounds amazing. Gonna keep in touch with this devs.

I want aliens and trump in next title.



HAHA amazing​:grinning::joy::joy: