Streaming Dungeon-Quest?

Hey guys, Iā€™m really interested to stream Dungeon-Quest on my channel.
But i aint sure how to stream and if i can stream from my Samsung Galaxy s6.

Let me know if u can help me out :wink:

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u have better luck streaming using mobcrush or mirratv. i prefer mobcrush quality is so much better.

And also if using mobcrush they have a mac app can stream thru twitch.

And if iā€™m using Windows, not Mac?

window is work in progressi believed

Google just announced native video capture from Google Games Play Services. Should be available this week in the US (i think)

Ahh Iā€™m from the EU though :wink:

Should hopefully be there soon as well. I assume they are just running stress tests now. I will post some videos to show off quality.

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Sure awesome.