Stuck at finding opponent Arena 1v1

Is it just me? I can’t seem to find an opponent in 1v1 but in 2v2 it is fine.

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i have the same probleme ;(

Hey! Which version of DQ do you have? Please make suer that you have installed the newest version.

i have 2.0…

i know there is a new version but i cant dl…its not showing.

Which Android version do you have?


i think i know what you want to say to me…
what a luck thaqt i become my new s6 in 4 days :smiley:

but it not cool…hs and other high graphic games run with no problems on my phone…

The latest one.

no that game is on 2.0, but my android version update is on 4.4.2

every time if i dl that game…it is on 2.0 and there is no opportunity for an update to 2.1