Stuck on my luck for drops?

need help , my maximum of luck for drops only 100% maximum , i already try to restart also the same

luck for drops 100%
gold find for drops 834.5%
total item drop% 252.5%
total exp gain 51%

this is my character information

It’s a bug. Devs have made a solution, just need the provider of the game back from Thanksgiving holiday for it to be updated:)

its a bug, you can still look it at stats / all stats when it became orange it cap

thanks, if i reinstall the games ??

thanks, how to fix it

it can only fix in next patch lets wait for it :slight_smile:

everything has been submitted…just waiting for the turkey hangovers to end for some of the app stores :smile:


I’m glad it’s fixed. Time to get as many legend pets possible!

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