Stun/Frost Duration PVP

Based on my tests, the stun duration decreases each time it hits an enemy.
1st: 1sec :blush:
2nd: 0.5sec :relaxed:
3rd: 0.3sec :expressionless:
4th 0.2sec :worried:
5th 0sec (no stun at all):sob:

i therefore conclude that investing in stun is not a good option

Frost gives
1st: 2sec :heart_eyes:
2nd 1sec :relaxed:
3rd 0.5

correct me if some values are wrong.

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Man its so good that you cant be perma cc ed in this game. Thanks for reminding

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Youโ€™re right in showing that stun isnโ€™t exactly worth it for longer lasting CCs since it lasts short amount of time on players. On enemies, it lasts 3 seconds though.

Frost can be worth a try as not every player uses Frost Immune or Frost Resist but you will need a fair amount of elemental crit as Flawless Victory does reduce it by -10% (its additive) so youโ€™d need 20% and it would act like 10% on flawless victory opponents or fast attacks.

i use nova for my elemental crit. thanks for the inormation btw :slight_smile: