Stupid lost of things!

I dont know if this is a bug or whatever but its bullshit how I accidentally uninstalled the game and with the new update I made an account but when I uninstalled the game I lost my characters 2 lvl 99 and spend real money in the game now its gone so pls fix this or your whole game is horrible beacuse of that one this so fix it now beacuse im really pissed off about this shit!!!

Hey, please contact the support:
I am sure they will help you.

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Judging from your post it seems like you answered this yourself.

“When I uninstalled the game I lost my characters”.

If you use the DQ Account system and upload your data we will have it on our server. If you have not done so already email and I will help you track down your save data.

Please be aware if you never used the DQ Account system to upload your old save data there is not much I can do to restore your characters.

With that being said please reach out and I will do what I can!

Thanks for playing.

You should have uploaded your datas on server before removing the game, it’s how any mobilegames cloud works, if you don’t do it you can’t expect to retrieve your datas :confused: