Suffering Talent

Hi. I have fould Crown of Elements with Suffering talent. How can I, as a Mage, put the Bleeding on enemy? Isn’t it for warrior?

You’re right, good find! It should be “Amplify”. Put the fix in for it for next patch, but will only fix new Crowns. Maybe we’ll have to find a way to have Wizard’s cause bleed later :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man! So now it’s useless…

You could make “Gift mechanic” and give something for people, who found and told ya about nasty bug, or another way helped in improvement :wink: Char slot, or something :smiley:

Working on something like that right now, with our Account system, and we’ll remember you :wink:.

Yes, i think this happening with me too.
Some legendary items what give skills do not appear in skills menu…
if I’m not mistaken then talking goes about it!

Suffering should be fixed in the latest update, if anything else isn’t appearing let us know! :smile: