Suggestion - feat reward changes

I firmly believe that, whenever possible, instead of just pointing out something is wrong, one should try to make an effort to provide an effective solution. To that end, I’m going to crunch some numbers and post a list of the current feats, and what I’d like to see their goals and rewards should be. But… Not yet. Still working on it. Gimmie a day or so.

But first, I’d like to run this by you guys… Feat stones.

What are they? Read on my friends…

Feat stones are legendary stones dropped by completing feats. Simple enough. You can socket them like any other stone, and like crystal affixes or set affixes, only one per item. Some of them could affect map variables, for instance: open 500 chests… Drops a feat stone that gives you +1-3 chests per map, permanently.
Magic monster kills… 5000 dead gives you a stone that gives you +30-120% magic monsters. Similar for epic monsters monsters and item drops. Stones that affect items could be like… 25-50% per category…

Think of them as…socketable crystal affixes… But separate.

Numbers don’t matter at this point, just the idea. I’ll edit this with my list later

OK… Hope this formats correctly…
Feat. Need to complete. Xp/lvl. Current Reward. Featstone possibility

Collect gold. 1.5 mil. 5k. Gold explosion. +50-200% map bonus
Open chest. 500. 5k. Mega chest. +1-3 chests per lvl
Break stuff. 15000. 2k. Loot imp. +10-100% explosive
Orbs. 20000. 2k. Free potions. +10-100% mp or hp

Kill enemy. 20000. 5k. Magic horde. +10-100% monster spawn
Magic enemy. 3000. 5k. Rare horde. +10-100%. Magic spawn
Rare enemy. 1000. 5k. Epic horde +10-100% rare spawn
Epic enemy. 150. 5k. Legend spawn. +10-100% epic spawn
Legendary enemy. 25. 5k. Mythic spawn. +100-200% luck
Mythic enemy. 1. 5k. Rare ms drop. Large ms explosion

Kill bosses. 100. 2k. Legend drop. +10-100% item drop rate
Kill enslavers. 250. 2k. Legendary pet. Keep this
Kill cartographers. 100. 2k. Legend map. Keep this

Find items. 5000. 1k. Loot. +50-100% gold
Rare items. 1000. 1k. Loot. +1-50% item drop
Epic items. 500. 1k. Loot. +25-75% item drop
Legendary items. 100. 1k. Loot. +50-100% item drop

Find crystals. 1000. 500. Cs explosion. +cs drop rate
Find mythstones. 250. 500. Ms explosion. +ms drop rate

Collect maps. 50. 500. Legend map. Keep this
Save pets. 10. 500. Pet buff. Keep this
Use crystals. 2000. 500. +2 cs. +1cs instead
Use mythstones. 500. 500. +2 ms. +1 ms instead

In addition, I’d like to see the last two (find cs/ms) not give credit for salvaging, as nothing is used up except cash in the process.

As far as the change to amount of points, lowering it would be terrible imo. I am heroic level 71, to get to 72 it is going to take about 30 feats completed. Going by the blog that showed the points to go from 93 to 94, its 1.4 billion. That’s 140 feats now, at least 280 your way. 280! That’s a ton for what will most likely be a few extra percent to GF and Luck, or something else that is really not that beneficial at that point since the first 80 points are what’s going to be going into your useful skills. To the new reward idea, sure, but leave point rewards alone.

I’m 71 as well :wink: just been playing a lot of wow

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Actually, Rubik, I’d redo the point system, too. I just changed the values to reflect what I think their value in relation to each other should be…

To redo it, I’d keep each character’s current level but reset their hero points to the base of that level according to the new scale. Epic monsters being worth 10x level and feats being worth 10000x level is rediculous.(sorry, it is). I can pick up orbs every 3-4 maps. The 990 hero points I got for each epic is completely forgotten. Try getting 1.4 bil at 990 a shot. Not gonna happen. We’ll pay off the national debt first.

It should go like this. Decide how many epic monsters should be worth 1 feat. Do you want people getting heroic levels because of grinding epics or feats? Keep in mind, killing epics IS a feat and should reflect this.

Once you decide the ratio, set the rate at which you gain heroic levels based on the expected completion of feats and grinding epics. Or, to make it easier, just assign heroic points directly for completing feats. Finish 100 feats? Welcome to lvl 100. Just make the feats harder…

Well yes, the hp/mp orbs is ridiculously easy to get. But the points for completion are fine, the amount you need to pick up is what is way too low. And I completely agree that killing epic monsters are what should be worth more. Maybe the total you need for each level could use some adjusting as well.

Thoughts? Jester? :smile: