Suggestion for codex (legendex)

Hi can I suggest something?
It’s about the codex.
As we all know, there are lots of things we learn from codex, but I have some suggestion here.
About the legendex, Can you please make legendex more easy to read like, Separate different gears and items in single page each. Example, all the specific gears like ring should be at a single page from most common ring to the latest or rarest ring. But also still under a specific class like ( wizard > rings > ring names ) just like that. And same goes to other items like chests amulets heads and weapons.
by that way it would be easier for us players to identify most or probably all of the items to look for.


And also, there are common items such as nadroji, etc… you can also do somethi g about it :slight_smile:

good idea:grinning:

Another suggestion that should come. I hope that the legends doesn’t reset whenever I clear data of the game and download my save. I mean most legends will be saved but the legends that don’t get saved are:

Slime pets, probably that seven deadly sins pet, Nadroji legends, Defiant legends, Malestrom Legends, Crystalline, Mythical and Eternalized legends, Cerebral Vortex legends, Mayhem legends , Berserkers, Gladiator legends (PvP), Epiphany Legends, Aethereal Drain legends, maybe Haunting Legends, Smoke Screen Legends, Mashocists legends, Seven Deadly Sins legends, etc.

It seems that after floor 200 legends and any new additions to legends, whenever you get a new device and download your cloud save with all your legends in legendex ticked, your new device will lose the ticks on the legends found after floor 200 and Slime Pets. I sure hope that bug is fixed and a revamp to how the game reads legends and keeps it there and not reset everytime you need to reset DQ for a reason .

Btw, Awesome idea @MAHIRAP

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I like this idea

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I hope they’ll be including this on thier future updates. ( for more user friendly game features ) :wink: :smile: :sunny:

Yup. At least everything is much easier to understand for now but more updates to user friendly game features can be nice. I remember back when I didn’t even understand what the description for Imps said last year or so because of a word I didn’t understand (threshold) and sometimes the description changes revealed hidden stats that were always there but never known about like say orb dealing 200% dmg per 0.1 seconds, meteor dealing 750% dmg but the crater deals 25% of it’s damage per 0.25 seconds (in other words dealing total 1500% damage), etc Many things easier to understand ftw.

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+1 for this idea

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Arigato :smile:

are you reymond ?

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Much better…

I like this idea. Thumbs up.

Thanks lord tyron :laughing:

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Thanks crabby patty

Lord? Lmao :laughing: anyway, glad to help.