Suggestion - hireling affix

OK… My $.02…

I’d like to see a CS/MS/talent that gives a bonus if the equipped char is a hireling.

My example: let’s say there’s a +enchant affix for wizard. If he’s a hireling, he adds +20% damage to the main char. Kinda like pets mod your char… But tailored for class combinations… Warrior pet adds def/ac or %hp. Rouge adds dodge or gold find.

Could be cool. Maybe with hero points?

Well hireling already provide a bonus, because it’s like if you were 2 with the same difficulty than 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wizard pet… I was thinking more like synergy skills. More of an interaction between the two.

Ah your first post wasn’t clear enough so I misunderstood the meaning of your request :smile:

Well I like the idea that every pets can have every affixes, not only “warrior : hp, armor” like you’re suggesting, because since 1.6 every classes can play every ways, you can now build armor and HP on wizard without being underpowered, etc :smile:

Or even a talent that’s active when that char is a hireling


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