[Suggestion] New pet

Disregarding the fairy at the moment as she heals you.

Im mainly thinking about a pet that picks up drops.
At the moment we have a Doge that collects gold, an imp that collects (and reforges) items, with the next patch we will also have new droppable items in crystals and mythstones, so using the same rationale, a pet that picks up crystals and mythstones is the way to go surely ?

As for what the pet should be, I have no idea :frowning: im sure others players can give some ideas :wink:
My personal idea would be a rat, with a pick axe and a miners hard hat, in a comical miner/geologist style โ€ฆ

Just a quick thought :smiley:

Donโ€™t suppose that would include being able to have more then one at a time. I would even pay real money for like the char slots. Otherwise weโ€™re going to go nuts trying to figure what we like best. Or could we pick its look and type?

Also should be good that fairy when using a hired character heal both characters, to use another pet on the other oneโ€ฆ

I personally use dog and imp to farm xD