[SUGGESTION] Speed up the imps

I use the imp as my pet and I love everything about them. However, when a big loot drop occurs, the time it takes the imp to gather the items, craft something new, grab some more, craft something else, etc can take a fair amount of time. Less animation and more speed would be greatly appreciated. :smile:

Hahaha same happen to me especially the Loot Explosion from feat reward occur >_< it took couple of minutes to wait him finish looting … perhaps can reduce IMP casting/generating item animation(glowing) to 1/2seconds then throw out items? :wink:

And also can make light effect(an orange ray shooting down on the floor just like Legend/Mythstone) for Epic Item when drop too? Easier to see why Imp stop looting it when it generate fast throw items :smile:

Did moderator miss this thread? :open_mouth: BUMP BUMP

No they didn’t, it was covered in another thread. It might be where you can’t see it though, sorry. In short it’s not possible, sorry again. :smile:

Nothing to bump !
This has already been answered by dev team in a different thread.