[Suggestion] +stats per kill affix

In a MOBA(AoS) Game called League of Legends(LoL), There is a Champion named “Sion” who has a skill named “Soul Furnace” that grants him Hitpoints(Hp) whenever he kills an enemy unit. As the game progress and kills pile up, his Hp stacks up and gets beefier late game.

Well I thougt maybe try to incorporating the skill in DQ and here is an example:

Affix : +(insert value here) Hp per * Monster kill

  • : Can either be Normal/Magic/Epic/Mythic/Legend/Boss/Shrine Champion

This affix can be rewarding to players who have reached 200+ maps and have already slain gazillion enemies, greatly increasing their survivability. There can be a diversity to this affix, Hp per kill can be +Armor per kill or even +Damage per kill.

I know that maybe its un-code-able or somewhat gamebreaking by adding another damage increasing affix, but this is only an “Idea” and a “Suggestion”.

Any Comments, Suggestions and/or Violent Reactions are welcome here. :wink:

ooverpowered; what about this:

The kill count resets per dungeon floor.

Now, isn’t much more balanced??

It’s a fine addition to the game if refined thoroughly.

Though personally I prefer it to be a unique “Surprise” affix when the kill count is met, like in torchlight II.