Suggestion to Warrior Sprint build

Hellow there, im new player in DQ but i always read forum every night this is my noob build inspired by the running man build. any suggestion to maximize the damage of my build or to improve im playing for 1 month from now and i cant purchased character slot and stash so im stock to my 1 character Warrior.

you shouldve only 1 dodge crystal affix and you can change the ephiphany affix for rage since the it wont affect the bonus

also change the zealatory affix

Ok. Thanks for suggestion i will update this build. After i farm crystal. I consume lots of it

Do you think guys adding arcanist set to this build changing the zealotry and epiphany will boost the damage? I dont have hireling i cant purchased, it always says account not verify. So im stock in one man play

Arcanist is really hard to adjust since your pet is good for poison you could add druidic for more poison damage or battle mage and pathfinder for your dodge affix

You could also change your one dodge for critchance crystal

ok thanks man for advice.:slight_smile: