[Suggestion] Vanity Crystals

Everyone is busy crafting the ultimate item while Im just sitting here thinking how to make my character look fabulous while performing genocide.

How about a Crystal that will RANDOMLY change the appearance/style of your selected gear to their respective class. They can be bought on the Vanity shop for maybe about 50k gold and cannot be converted nor salvaged.

This way, we can customize how we want our character to look without having to change from our precious crafted gears.

While we’re on topic of customization, I also propose a ‘Chromatic Crystal’ that will randomly change the color of the selected gear.

The idea dawned on me after picking up the Equality legendaries for the 253527th time. :vP

I think they said 1.9 will introduce new vanities. :wink:

Yep, Im hyped about it too.

And more! The plans for 1.9 are still being finalized. Even us testers are in the dark about expected changes. Steiger is a sadist that likes to tease people. XD With the snipets given, I have trouble sleeping. XD