I would like to see appearance slots implemented, in addition to our regular gear. New appearance only gear could be added to chests and drops and the store, to be worn over our armor. Instead of taking up bagspace, perhaps a collections tab could be made and as we find each piece it would go into a tab from which we could put on any appearance item any time.

This could also be applied to pets! I don’t see changing much what the three base pets do, but wouldn’t it be fun to have a boar appearance overtop our minion or a butterfly or drake overtop the fairy, or a wolf over or dog. I thought vanity pets would be a fun addition but maybe its not ao pretty having a minion and a boar, for example…but rather set them up like appearance gear in a collections tab. [emoji203] [emoji195] [emoji190] [emoji213] [emoji244]


more vanity please :I

im quite meticulous on how my character looks… :I

had to stick with champion set for my warrior instead of going multiple talent tree due to looks… :frowning:

same with my rogue and wizard… so yeah… i’ll be really wanting this one though… :laughing:

Definitely agree with this idea :smile:

+1 on this too. More vanity please.
Im planning to buy a vanity item but wings are to mainstream. So please other vanity sets please.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, please?

I’m fine with my character’s looks (choice is a good thing, though), but I’d not mind having a cat skin for the pet. :smile: