Suggestions. Crystals convert

After like 4 days of playing new patch. Im slowly adjusting to the new systems. Well… bugs n stuff. Still manageable. Here Things i would like to see improvement.

1.can we have a bulk crystal convert? Its annoying to spent so much time in
This process.-> “Press convert 2 become 1” rinse repeat. Spending 15 min to get 10 reroll all stats crystal and using them in few sec due to RNG failure. I have to do it all over again.

  1. Make crystal un-sellable or lockable.

  2. Lock individual bag preventing sorting. I would love the system to be able to sort out my messy bag and leave my lock bag alone.

4.peridot gem used for level up item. C So far still few pretty rare. After 4 days of farming only gotten like 3? Raise the drop rate of some commonly used crystal.

  1. Fluorite gem cannot reroll a single red color affix? Legend affix or wadever its called. Try it alot time wont let me select red color affix. Max is orange color epic affix.
  1. Legend Affixes cant be rerolled with the Fluorite crystal :smiley:

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  1. Green affixes epic or more cant be rerolled too;)

You should be able to reroll stats by using the “diamond” (all affixes) but not with “fluorite” (1 affix)
That’s how you reroll legend and crystal affixes