Suggestions - My 2¢

I’ve reached level 90 and also, a few levels back, finally started showing up on the Ranking page! I’ve been playing for awhile and though I’m not even half way to the maximum level (with my first character), I feel I’m now better qualified to make a few suggestions.

I would like:
[li]to have multiple (at least 3) gear configuration slots (sometimes called outfits in other games)[/li]
[li]a direction indicator for when I’m mobbed and can’t tell which way I’m facing[/li]
[li]the ability to view character stats from the main screen or anywhere outside of game play[/li][/ol]

For those interested and for better clarification, let me explain some of these items further:

Number 1
Depending on what I’m doing, I like to have different gear configurations. For my regular questing, when I’m running a new level or Enemy Power, I like a one-shot, one-kill setup. I have a nice strong bow (on my rogue, of course) that uses a lot of mana. I am slow and careful with this configuration and rely on leeching quite a bit. Sometimes, though, I need to farm lower levels. For this setup, I like to use a shotgun approach with a pistol. I blanket an area with ricocheting bullets and move quickly; my mana regenerates just as fast as I use it. I also like to experiment with new setups and ideas. The problem with all this is that I have a horrible memory and often forget what equipment I had for each of my play styles.

I think this option would be very helpful and could be incorporated into the inventory page. With only 6 item slots, I don’t think it would be too much for people to handle. It would also free up 12 (if you went with 3 outfits) inventory spaces for more crystals.

Number 2
Sometimes I’m so mobbed and there is so much happening on the screen, I don’t know which way I’m facing. It is these times when my secondary attacks, like Multishot, come in very handy. Unfortunately, more often than not (I do keep Auto-Target on), when I hit the button, I’m facing the wrong direction!

A compass-type circle at the top of the screen indicating the direction I’m facing would help eliminate this problem (or some other direction indicator).

I hope these suggestions help! I know if they are implemented, they will help me, a lot.

Can I get an amen?

I forgot to mention one item of concern. I don’t consider it a bug so I’m not reporting it in that topic, but I don’t think it really fits as a suggestion, either.

I realize crystals stack forever (theoretically), but in the one stash I’ve dedicated to holding them, I have to keep one slot free or I can’t add any existing crystals to that stash. Stacks of crystals already in the stash should accept more without the need for an empty slot.

Of course a separate crystal stash would work better… (but I’m thinking you already have a solution).