Summon Mechanics Questions

Regarding summons, I have a few questions regarding stat computations for summons.

  1. How are their dmg stats computed? I understand that spirits are 150% OH, furies and commander are 100% OH. With the DPS formula, how does the summon dmg affix, heroic skill levels, prowess and boost talent, and summoner set affect that formula? Do they modify the base damage of the summons or do they multiply the final computed damage? I didn’t notice any stat changes on the damage page when I switched gears.

  2. When it comes to EHP of the summoned minions, how are these computed? Do they just inherit my base stats, without factoring in the heroic skills, talents, and item affixes that modify my base stats? Or do they inherit my final stats after factoring all these modifiers? Like for example, I have 100K armor and 2K resists and 50K HP as it appears on my stat page, do summons just take these stats as base and modify it further?

  3. How does bloodmagic affect minions when it comes to their hp and damage? For their hp, do they inherit my hp as it is affected by bloodmagic? Like for example my hp is 50K after bloodmagic, 25K without, what would be the HP of a spirit minion if I have 20 points in summon skill and one summon hp 20% affix? And for their damage, do existing minions increase their damage as my main character loses life? Or would their damage remain static from the point they were summoned?

  4. Would the damage reduction from Defiant, Summoner mythic, and the like be inherited by summoned minions?

Thank you so much taking the time to read my lengthy questions and for any help that may be provided! :smile:

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Check this link it answers the first set of your questions