Summon + Momentum for Wizard

Summon Skill - Summons an offensive spirit. While active this skill boosts move and attack spd by 50%

Momentum - All DMG dealt is increased by movement speed. Damage Increase = 10% per rank * Current Movement Speed

I dont have summon skill but I have Recall Talent on my amulet which gives %chance to summon minions. When the minion is active I dont see increase in attack speed on my wizard.

1 Does minions from Recall boosts move and attack speed?
2 Is the boost for minions only or for wizard as well?
3 If, it boosts wizard’s movement speed it should work with momentum right?
4 If question 3 is yes, then at lvl 5 momentum i should have 50 * 50% ( wizard movement speed)?

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I really like your questions. They are interesting, important, and well-thought.
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Sadly no one seems to know the answer = ( I cant test this myself as I dont have the right gears and crystals = (

In my own understanding Base on affix description it should work.
Summon+momentum should work.
I dont have wizard but my friend is using wizard and he is using this combo

I love like these questions!

  1. not sure but probably yes.
  2. my understanding is that you will need to use the synergy mythic to get the speed boost from summon to work for your char.
  3. once you get the speed boost, momentum should work for you too.
  4. yes