Summoner wizard, help please

Hey guys,
I am creating a summoner wizard, but I have a lot of questions about how the minions damage and health are calculated.
I read this:
The Tome’s ability “Summon” now summons an offensive melee Minion with 1.5x the damage of the Spiritmancer and 1x the health. The secondary effect of “Summon” now improves the attack and movement speed of all minions. You can now have a max of 3 offensive melee minions.
The Tome’s ability “Sacrifice” has been replaced with “Command” which summons a defensive minion with 1.5x the health of the caster and 1x the damage. When you cast “Command” while the minion is already active, he will Taunt all enemies to him. The secondary effect of “Command” is a 10% Heal to all Minions. You can have a max of 1 defensive minion.
The offensive caster “Fury” minion can now be cast from the “Summon Fury” affix, or from the Apocalypse Mythic’s Skill. You can have a max of 3 Fury Minions.
All Minions gain 1/4 of the Regeneration of the Caster.

However, I find this extremely vague. How is the damage of the Spiritmancer calculated? Does it take into account only my OH damage? Does it take my crit and crit damage into account? Do my minions gain any for of hp leech from me? Do my minions gain my armor/resistances?

Answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated :smile: Also, I really wish it had all of this information in the dictionary somewhere.

I forgot to mention procs. Do my summoned minions inherit my bleed chance and/or other procs? And then does vampiric touch work through minions, (ex if my minion applies a bleed effect, am i healed)

Minions are a separate unit. They do not have any of your Items or item affixes. The strictly gain stuff from your stats page.

But as the affixes apply to your stat page do they gain your resists and health bonuses applied from items? Or just resists and health regen gained from the heroic skills like mana health and dexterity?