Super arena glitch lmao

Tryna search for a match, connection fails tho i have a working connection, after i click “okay” the whole arena UI messes up. Have to wait a couple of hours again lol

Slow internet probably

It is globe, what can I expect :angry:

Then poof. Your trophies will go down down down down down :joy:

1 min eternal 8 again :joy::joy:

Switch pldt unli net :wink:

I feel you bro, all of my records lost in arena are from disconnection problem. :triumph::triumph::triumph:

This is a good day for me kek

Close the Game. Its a known bug since 2.1 If you encounter that Arena UI Bug please Close the Game or else you got to lose your precious trophies.

i encounter this every time i connect to internet GLOBE this is the real problem in PH net connection :rage:

Plus, globe ditching the free facebook inclusive on their promos. :triumph: