Superfarmer Max Build

Philosophy: two character team one does farming only the other does combat only. On the farming character only build it for farming and staying alive. You are looking to Max your speed, gold find, luck, item drop. Other stuff include HP, MP, and resists. This build will let you farm legend or mythic 3 level 200.
1.What you need to unlock.
Unlock level 350.
2.Items you need.
Equality orb
Nadroji chest
Nadroji hat
Nadroji ring
Nadroji amulet
Crystalline hat and weapon
Eternalized hat and weapon
Mythical hat and weapon
3. Since Eternalized, crystalline and mythical are only on hat and main weapon, we are only worried about changing 4 of the items: equality orb, Nadroji chest, Nadroji ring and Nadroji amulet.
5.Goals: this build will let you have Max gold find luck and item drop plus Nadroji8/eternalized5 or Nadroji7/eternalized6 or any combination with crystal/mythical of the same or Nadroji6/crystalline5/eternalized5…etc.

Build Example:
When applying crystals, if you get 2 lucks and one gold find switch all natures to gold find and topaz to gold find instead. In empty slots on these skeletons you can put whatever you want. I recommend dodge and move speed. The following build gives you 450 luck, 450 gold find and 200 item drop. On the other items you switch out, some will have speed and pick up radius etc. Try to Max speed to 60. With speed 60 and adventurer, you will move at great speed and orbing after that is just icing on the cake. Also don’t worry about pet because this is also the pet leveling build too. When you Max a pet just put another one on!

Off Hand Orb - equality orb-nature luck
Adventurer - set
Balance - on item
Equivalence - mythic
Luck - Crystal
Item drop - Ruby

Chest Nadroji -nature luck-talent cosmic.
Resist - Crystal
Item drop - Ruby
Stun immune - on item
Frozen Immune

Nadroji ring -nature luck
+2 set numbers
Hunter - mythic
Item drop - Ruby
Gold find - Crystal

Nadroji amulet -nature luck
Sanctuary -mythic
+2 set numbers
Luck - Crystal
Item drop - Ruby
Luck - topaz

Make all other items that you switch have nature luck.
Put hero points into strength, dexterity,and intelligence. This gives you some dodge, MP, HP, Armor, and resists. Edit. Important! Max the quality of all your items to 25 first before applying crystals. Has a chance to give you Max application of a stat! I also like to have my luck all the way up and on mythic 3 before applying crystals. Superstitious I guess. :smile:

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Reserved also

This is literally my setup with all six characters. I have a farming rogue / combat rogue pairing, a farming warrior / combat wizard pairing, and a farming wizard / combat warrior pairing. Rogues are the closest to theoretically maxed out - LootRog and LootWar both have 200% item drops locked in.

I am glad I was on the right track then. Ty for confirmation. I have wizard farmer with wizard combat

Any screens? too much text is meh :stuck_out_tongue:

I could put up screens but the build I am talking about is an improvement on the one I have. I don’t want to confuse what I have with the improvements that I made.

I actually started with spell sword on the amulet and I would rather have the Nadroji. I did spell sword for the resists but found out they didn’t need to be as high as I got them. Which was about 18k. So I scaled back to a minimalist approach and it seemed to work way better. The suggestions of the gear at the beginning is optimal.

I’m trying to understand the relationship between the farmer/combat pairing, I have two rogues I’d like to use.

Please verify that you mean that the main character is the farmer and the hireling is the combatant.

Do the eternalized, mythical, Nadroji or crystalline items work on the hireling or just on the farmer?

It is my understanding that all gold find and luck are averaged between the hireling and the farmer. If that is true shouldn’t the hireling have maxed gold find and luck also?

What is a good replacement for the orb for the rogue?

Thank you for your help.

Your main character is the farmer. Luck goldfind etc and crystalline Nadroji etc are only stuff that works on your main character. I use the orb just for teleportation and it can be faster speed when adventurer is down. So I would say something that helps you stay alive. Maybe the bag so you can blind them? Idk if that would work but the thinking is you want your main character to be able to bounce around so maybe some blinkstrike. Even though it won’t do a ton of damage it is kinda like the orb.

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