Support D_Messiah to bring back in legit league!

please help me my co-dqplayers to be back in legit league!!!


@D_MESSIAH. to make a proof that you’re legit. DM @tdaniel with your items/gears.

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i already email him… done!!!

Ohh! the old player Will be back very nice to See you there.

@D_MESSIAH my bross. Nice to See you back again why cannot back on your account in na legit bro.there are legit no essue right so Sir @tdaniel please help my bross to be back or bring again in a normal league the eternal pet of my bross are so very legit Sir …

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thanks for the support… hope to be back in normal league…

No message and email message coming from developers or from @tdaniel!!! :sob::sob::sob:

Nothing has changed since the last discussion we had about this situation/account.


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