I wanted too make sure about the exact nature of sureshot before I put a bunch of effort into creating gear with it on it for my new farm build is the “always crit enemy’s at full hp” referencing your hp or your enemy’s?

Oh, glad you asked first. It’s your enemy’s HP. So, yeah if their not full HP anymore this mythic would be useless. It’s the least preferred mythic for chest gears.

Go for
Brutal - if your buld has deadly strike. works for pvp and pve or even farming
Skilled - if you are using primary skills like guidedshot
Ruptured - which is the most used, if your build has bleed damage.

Never pick sureshot = (

Thanks for letting me know I think it’s still worth using but definitely not for the farm build I’m doing do you know if exposed has a hidden time limit or is for as long as that enemy is alive after it’s been pierced you’ll get the 50% damage up? I’m not gonna use it on my farm build I’m just interested for a weird little pvp build I’ve got planned for later

it works like ruptured. once you’ve pierced them you gain 50%.

Btw I have a question too, uhm what if i have a deadly strike in my gears @_@ and im using primary skills…which is a good mythic? :o brutal or skilled?
Or does it fall off on the users preference? :ohushed:

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if it has bleed use Ruptured
deadly strike is for Crit Builds and etc…

In the long run of the game @_@ im kinda guessing people prefer bleed? But then again, i kinda like crit …:o because of blood magic? and the likes? (Sorry i’m just starting out with the end-game builds and stuff, still new to it so forgive me for some mistakes on my part )

Id go with skilled because you get the damage buff on every attack. Id go with brutal if you have 60% deadly strike and if you’re using a vial which gives you 100% crit chance because of coat weapon

I see , so thats how it works. Thank you very much, and I’m gonna try this :slight_smile:

i thought deadly strike is for crit and if u get the crit damge is 3 time if soo its stack ? :open_mouth:

deadly strike doubles your critical damage. with brutal it’ll be 3x critical damage. If you have a vial which gives 100% crit chance and elem crit chance on your next attack. You have a high chance of activating deadly strike. Therefore, picking brutal over skilled would be a better choice

yeah tnx for the enlightment xD