I am trying to be able to farm at floor 400 on Mythic 3 in order to find the items I need to create the build that I want. Can someone help me figure out a way for me to be able to stay alive better on a Wizard in order to start farming the items I need for my build.

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Look up the Green Garden build

That is an amazing build, however, it won’t help me cause I don’t have anything to create it with. I was looking for advice on easy Legends to pick up in order to do a lot of dmg and tank dmg at floor 400 mythic 3.

I’m using a rouge and just switched over to permastealth, were using 2 epic +hp affixes until floor 350.
I think 3 +hp affixes and plagued should give u enough hp to tank some hits .
For healing i was using hp on hit but this depends on ur build

Thank you so much

GG isn’t as hard as you might think. Plagued and Druidic are very common sets which drop on all sorts of different equp. After that all you need is the mythic word Equivalence (mentor protest death fortune) and some mp boosting from other sets and/or MP%+ affixes. You won’t get the hundreds of millions in damage but tens of millions are no problem :wink:

I’d say use a double magic shield, it slows enemies and decreases damage u take

Its how I survive PVP

What do you mean by double magic shield?

Use both shield abilities

Its very hard to tank high floors, your best bet it just to go for dmg