System hangs on level completion in firetv

I’ve had this issue a few times tonight where I have to actually go to the applications menu and force stop the app. I will complete a level (it MAY only happen after hero fight levels, not sure), and after I go down the “hole” to the next level, and it does says to press A to continue, the app just freezes. If I hit home, it asks me to press home again to quit or the “back” button to continue. I’ve attached the screenshot (or tried twice, I don’t see it attached). Are there any logs I can provide?

After further investigation, this is not a system hang, but a loss of window focus it would appear. Workaround: move to the “ad” in the top right that is suggesting items that can be purchased in the shop and select. Then press B to exit the shop and you’re in the next dungeon.