Tabletop Games

I bid thee welcome, nerds! Doth ye ol’ Dungeon Quest partakers play any tabletop games?
Yu-Gi-Oh, D&D, etc.
I play Yu-Gi-Oh, D&D, and a little bit of Magic.

I play Yu-Gi-Oh in real life haha open trap card :stuck_out_tongue:

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M:tG since 1996. Big fan of DnD, but no longer have a playgroup. Other card games such as L5R, LotR, Yugi-Oh, Pokemon, etc. Been around the block, but M;tG will always be my home. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, you guys are nerds! Get a life. :wink:

Netrunner is my main love, followed by Xwing minitures game :slight_smile:

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not nerds but it’s really nice to be “off” in the real world when you’r having a day off or holiday. used to wear the mtg robes when i go to card playing grounds but my wife disagreed. now i’m playing mtg and pokemon tg with my kid. :smile:

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M:tG for me too. I stopped after urza’s block a while back, though. It just got too expensive to keep up with the block expansions. Land D was my main deck but I liked the classic black and white weenies as well. Also loved the blue/red and blue/white control decks but other players hate playing against blue, lol.

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A control deck in any tabletop game is the most fun to use, though.
Yata-Garasu Lockdown in Yu-Gi-Oh, man. Even though it’s banned…

lol. yeah you have fun but your opponent is helpless and eventually becomes frustrated and jaded. they never play you again so you end up playing DQ wahahaha.

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game is my life :stuck_out_tongue:

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i love yugioh, but the decks that i like are those from the first two seasons(yugioh and yugioh gx). Now don’t call me a genwunner coz the reason why i like those decks is because they require you to be more strategic and in this case they are somewhat ‘nerfed’. there aren’t much draw-this-card-and-you-win kinda cards ehem exodia so you need to plan on your current cards…just my opinion

love that too “Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Og GX” but the other version change into something that I will never watch the new yugioh version haha

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Original Yu-Gi-Oh ftw

Usd to play yugioh but quit cause I got bored of it and lost faith in konami. Can’t believe I spent £100 for a decent/op lightsworn deck of the 2014-15 era. I remember the time when I used to own dragon rulers and those were the good times :smile:

Still I would watch the anime when I have time (watched all animes but not all of arc V anime). The anime is quite good (except zexal or dubbed editions).

Yup I know that feeling lol . I only played the online versions though and rarley played the card version despite spending £100+ . Spent a £50 voucher way too quickly lmao.

I don’t like yugioh anymore because it just isn’t a good game. Rulings are terribly complicated as well and too much costly cards. I had to literally play online in order to get into the game since no one actually plays (as far as I know except a few in my area).

Also before yugioh, I played this online card game called rise of mythos. Good until I realized how stressing it gets. Its alright until you have to pay to win to be winner. Good thing I quit that game.

I am now watching some comedy anime