Talent's level

Hi, my apologize if its already discussed somewhere,
I want to know if its possible to level up our gear’s talent?

Put affix talent on gear or using mythic stone elixir on chest and head…
Max talent is 40

Spirit mancer talents can go up to 50 with Summoner set affix plus legend 5 to all spirit mancer talents .

Talents on Chest, Head, Ring, and Neck items range from 0 (on items level 1-5, just did a test to find out) up to 20 on the highest level items.

if you have an item you really like, and want to keep it for higher levels, using the Crystal Peridot can raise the level of an item. the level of a Talent will go up automatically if the level of the item goes up high enough for it to do so. on average, Talents goes up 1 point for every 5 level of the item.