Maybe because I’ve been playing a warrior as my main so far, but primarily because I’m LAZY, I’ve grown quite fond of the talent ‘wrath’ just for the sake of breaking objects.
Now I’ve taken up a wizard. Are there any similar talents useful for the same purpose, or is it possible to get ‘wrath’ on a wizard item?


The Iceburn set with a manashield is also capable of breaking objects I used it religiously in my farm build up until the release of the arcanist set :smile:

LOL… It ONLY took me two chars to lvl 99 and a bit of mapping on one of them, before I realized, that you can just tap the screen on the object you wanna break, instead of running into it, or trying to aim a skill at the object to break it. I think I combined have used an hour of gameplay trying to aim skills are the pot-like things. #DOH

You can also get wraith on a pet then use that pet on any character you want… ive only found one but i always use it on my warrior farm build to make room for more talents

Uh… That sounds like it could be usefull;)

Hey thanks alot it saves me to finished loot imp, and yeah i used 2 char to do it. My main char is bow and second is warrior using wrath talent. My bow is to kills mobs. And my warrior only break an objects while smiling at mobs. Hihihi