Tapatalk now active!

I have to agree tapatalk kicks browsers hind end on smaller devices. And now that I can actually log in and post it feels much more comfortable.

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When I search Dungeon Quest or Shiny Box it doesn’t show up in tapatalks app.Help would be appreciated

Sorry, the bad news is the new forums won’t work with Tapatalk.
But on the right side, it supports mobile devices pretty good :slight_smile:
Oh and you can tag people as well, like this @Refia @Refia @Refia ( don’t get mad at me XD )

Congratulation. You have just summoned another moderator for answering a question, that has been answered. (we really need a dieter smilley! :smiley:)

I’m still glad, that @everyone desn’t work here. (and I know @CentraBPM is still sad about it :smile: )