Testing builds in the banned league

Well its not a bad idea of testing builds in the banned league well in fact its better testing builds here,you’ll the weaknesses and advantages of the build, well having my build survive 1 round is great and it can fight with them too,meaning its more effective with the legits because here in banned almost all of them are overpowered, cant wait to finish my agendas here and share it in the legit world😄


Me too hahahaha :joy:

well my new wiz. build can fight back with those cheaters now​:joy::joy: cant wait for someone to use it

lol, didn’t you still comeback? I’m sorry for you
Winning against overpowered dudes with legit builds is a fine challenge

How do you test a character against the banned league ?

by joining them

Oh :hushed:


i guess i cant comeback anymore​:joy::joy: but still i’ll play this game​:joy::joy:

bro, go to the banned league but i assure you, its freaking crazy​:joy::joy: even pets have legend affixes, tough gaming there

might wanna join us here? hahahaha

yea… nah… i think im good. but thanks :slight_smile:

doesn’t arena reset every season?

When new update comes, It will reset.

Im tempted… how can i get banned? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

is that a way to get out of the banned?

use cheats and show it here​:joy::joy: or wait for someone to report you

Ill find a screen shot of another hacker and call it my own :joy: