Thank you Dungeon Quest


Not only did yall make a great game for us all to play, but you have created a great community of fellow players that has hightened the gaming experience.

This isnt just a game, its a family.

Thank you. :smile:




pick up your Dungeon, it’s filthy! put away your weapons before someone trips and cuts themselves! put away your magic toys before your Hireling blows up the house! and clean up after your Imp, I’ve been smelling something funny lately!


Thanks Golem, ill work on that. :smile:


@Indy. Yes it is family. Now go to your room !


I agree!


Thank you @Indy and all the other awesome players who helped evolve the game to its current state! The developers have done a phenomenal job with DQ - hats off to them and the DQ community.


I love all the mad scientists out there in DQ




Thanks for playing! :grinning:


Just wish more people playing this game.


I would like to think all the awesome players and mods here this is an aewsome game. And ice ice baby :joy:


agreed, and i wish more people joined the discord group