Thank you for free crystals!

Thank you devs, nothing much.
I just want to say thank you for free crystals.
I salute you all.


@SteigerBox is there only one chest? Or are there one for each character? I got two from my inbox but when I opened both there’s only one set, therefore this may be a glitch or something

Ah that’s a bug! Once we make another client update, we’ll send another chest… and hopefully it will be a bit more reliable as well :smile:


Yey! :smile:

Is that where the 2 of each crystal came from? I saw them but had no idea where they came from.

From the devs :slight_smile:

Ty vm!

On a side note, I have much better farming gear on my chakram rogue – AND, I rolled Satyr’s Spirit and Faun’s Gifts on my gear! Not bad at all!

The crystals really helped me out, not sure if im just special but i got two of all, thanks so much :smiley: saved me a heap of time on those mythic affixes