Thanks for the free crystals and mythstones:)

Thank you for giving me the free crystals and mythstones. They have tremendously improved my gear and I just wanna show off. Its my aftermath set but with the mythstones and extra affixes. I’ll post imgur images of my updated set and also I am winning many more battles on my push to eternal league! Elemental weapon damage or elemental dmg % as well as energy mythic makes me deal even more damage in campaign and multiplayer and its more powerful with stats 152 mana and power. The extra attack chances, proc master mythstone and elixir mythstone as well as ruby and obsidian has transformed the gear so much that I’ll show it off right now.

Shall i improve this by adding extra attack chance mythstone (zenith) on event horizon, inferno on the skyfall staff because the 2+ procs make the aftermath 5 and it wil add more fire damage and change the crushing blow crystal affix i did by accident on catacylsm? What is the best crystal affix for damage usually? Deadly critical because im maxed on crushing blow or maybe elemental damage? Those free crystals and mythstones gave me a huge boost and keep this game very interesting. Thanks, awesome Dungeon Quest Developers! :smile: :gift::+1::v:

Maybe even add a mp leech (even though i probably wont need it because of energy) so campaign is easier. Also as you can tell my damage is pretty high for meteor, staff and default. This set is definitely helping me win battles in arena and I dont think I even got its full potential. There really is a lot I have to learn and do to get it the best possible set. For sure I think its unique.

Do Extra Attacks affect spells? :open_mouth: I was under the impression that it only affected the default attack. Hmmmm… What about instant spells without projectiles?

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I dont know tbh. Extra attack chances only increased double the damage for me but that is really good isnt it. I didnt see much difference in my comets or meteors though.

It works with your primary skill on your main hand.
Same as multi attack.

Extra attack chance = 50% chance to do 100% DMG(Extra attack)
Multi attack = Always working with +50% DMG

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To me that means my staff does about half the damage but it has a chance of doing 100% of the damage which is 83.5k dps. Im not as affected by this because of mirror images and 2+ extra attack chance probably means an extra 100%+ dps and attack. Also extra attack chance actually adds an extra comet bolt in battle arena and single player without mirror images and if mirror images happen, it doubles or triples!

As we are already talking about extra- and multiattacks, I would like to know wether those also proc on-hit effects like crushing blow.