The Apocalypse Wizard build




Probably, Summoner set gives you Spiritmancer boost of talents and + All Spiritmancer additionals are the reasons for the large increase of numbers (and there’s a possibility that the cause of overcapping is bug) I would be much impressed if this Summoner can stand on 1 vs 1 battles. There’s a lot of room for improvements. I do have the same build but I ain’t focusing much on Minions since the Summoner sucks till this time. Focus more on spells rather than rely on minions. That would do better.


My wizard is good in 1 player contests :wink::wink::wink:


Okay then :slight_smile: I’ll see you in higher Div. and let’s see who have the best minions :wink:


Will see you there eventually :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



Noice :ok: :ok_hand:


I left my Ai at the bottom of Eternal Div. 1. Really had quite a hard time playing arena now since my working scheds. have changed. We’ll, goodluck on your journey :raised_hand: @dickwad poke me up when you encounter my avatar. Thanks in advance :grin:


I find myself with less time with my job and college xD. Although I am glad I got it early the job.


Due to work commitments i only manage to pvp for 4 hours a week. Its going to be a long haul. lol


Another day in the arenas with some good resuls.


Nc im mythic too so hard to be in eternal to many strong haha my set in rogue and warrior is seven deadly sins haha i use jasper


Dic can i see your set


Why do some characters got 299 power on their stats? Supposedly it must just 102? Will I be able to reach that 299?


These characters were made on a previous patch version of Dungeon Quest. There is no stat difference between the 299 and 102, just a number change.