The Codex Speaks

I found my first Unreal Hood, and went to the Codex to start planning Golems Ultimate Farming Build. but then I discovered some unsettling knowledge. Mythical and Crystal Sets are on the same items, and I have other plans for the weapon. so I guess I’ll have to do the farm for Myth stones and Crystals separately thing. good thing I have been learning how to craft items, or I would be feeling lost right now.

yup. thems the brakes

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The Codex has flooded me with Gifts! both Mythic items, the Crystal items, 2 Vortex items, an ice slime, Atheral Drain and a few other goodies. all just from climbing from 390ish to 408ish so far. now I just need CS/MS to make Golems Ultimate Farming Build. it is kind of sad, but I think that the farming build I have now might not be enough to help me get the things I need to make GUFB. I guess I will continue to climb until I can’t climb anymore, and hope the Codex gives me some more goodies.

in all seriousness, the farming builds i have created were only possible largely in part by collecting dust and unlocking key items i needed.

to farm well, means you need the gear to begin with. thus the vicious circle


I know, I have decided to unlock items by finding them first, and then using dust on the ones that are unlocked, kind of like having a deposit box at the bank. dust is the user fee to get the item out of the bank. :laughing: I have used dust to unlock a few items, but I feel like I am missing out on finding the item as loot first. :thinking: :nerd:
basically I have the items to make my farming build, but I need to plan it out first, and get the CS/MS to make it shine. I guess I will see how far I can go with the build I have now, and hope I can get better CS/MS as I climb.
I remember how it was before dust was introduced in 3.0, and even though I had good ideas, and found good ideas in the Forums, the difficulty in finding the right items made it easier to make a build without Legends. of course, I was still only crafting with the common crystals and myth stones. my poor weak builds. :head_bandage: :confused:

I got my first eternal fabled staff for 17k from the vendor yesterday :grinning:

nice @dickwad. I got an unreal hood over the weekend, and before I got online, I found a Rogue Eternal Unreal Hood. when I put affixes in there, they will be doubled? because of being on an Eternal item? just want to make sure.

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they will be doubled but you cant reroll. you get one chance

thanks. since I found it, just have to worry about how much dust I have until I get the right affixes. but man, going to be a lot of myth stones if I don’t get the affixes I want. oh, another question. can I put an Obsidian on that? I know it wont be doubled, but was just wondering.

Use your highest level character (99) to topaz it . Provided the item is level 100 you generally get perfect rolls if you have fortunate perk

:sunglasses: I have joined the EoT (Eternal Order [of] Toons). the green frame around my Toons picture looks really…green? having 6 Perks, I now dread the Ascending of my other character, who have no Perks yet. I think I am going to do the Hireling Method of Ascending the others.

I only let two do all the ascending and hire the others as hireling. They still get the hirer’s perks in 2 player