The DQ Summit

Remember the Arreat summit… that’s what DQ needs.

If only I could log into the wiki with this account. Ahh Well, we can dream right.

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I am not sure, but I think you want to log into the new wiki site with this forum login… :wink:

The wiki site is on gamepedia. They maintain the site for us, make sure the backend is always up to date, and the site/service doesn’t cost us anything to host or maintain.

They also have a really responsive polite staff and were great to work with getting everything set up.

We have had a few requests from this community to have a more updated wiki service. I thought this would be a good solution since it wouldn’t take much of our time to maintain it and it wouldn’t cost us monthly to host it.

We still will use our forums for communication with the DQ community, but I hope the wiki service can provide a repository for players that want to keep it updated if that is something they like to do.


Yea. It’s just soooo many accounts so many places, guess I’m just getting to old. Lol.

It’s all good. Shiny Box Games is legit. :slight_smile:

Ok, I did it. :eyes:

@tdaniel I assume you have a bunch of stuff being added to the wiki soon? You mentioned articles you’re currently working on. I await the basic standards you will set.

Yup! I have several support type articles I am working on this weekend.

We wanted to leave the wiki “formation/look and feel” up to the community. I am very bland when it comes to layout and the like…I have seen many posts on his forum that are composed far better than any i have put together :slight_smile:


Nice. Ok

I create my acount on wiki, that website just bug me out!
I will by on forum, noting more… Well if someting beter came up you know!