The Flash Season 2 is on!

anyone watching? love it.

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Is it anything like Daredevil, because I enjoyed that…

Not really, daredevil is darker than arrow which is darker than The flash which is darker than Supergirl.
The flash is more a smallville 2015 without blood where Barry always win and “almost” no one die
Arrow is a bit ruder (and sometimes you’ve some crossover with The flash/arrow)
Supergirl is like a smallville 2015

There is also “Gotham” which is so GREAT! If you like Batman universe, well it’s made for you, a lot of Batman characters years before Bruce becomes Batman

to sum it up. its all about super heroes. :grin:

You don’t say :joy:

I watched the first season of flash. The fastest man alive can’t outrun the friendzone lol.
I’ll check the 2nd season out ^^

Green Arrow = Green Batman lol

The Flash is impressive! They actually do a GREAT job with some of the villains in the show and they are not afraid to bring in all the baddies from Central City.

Of the DC characters he is one of my favorites for sure. Here is hoping Marvel/Disney can have similar quality outings when they tackle prime time next year.