The game is broken (actually it isn't)

Ever since that last update. I haven’t gotten a single bottom tier crystal. I can’t even get one when trading in an eternal. It sucks…

never incounter this before, upload your account at cloud for the backup and do clear data to refresh the game

I was just farming packsize maps floor 40 yesterday and getting lots. 0,o

This just means you have moved to higher floor levels. If it’s just the bottom tier then you are likely around floors 300+. Do this test, go to floor 101 and play a few floors. Your lower tier crystals should start dropping again. Read the second paragraph in the farming section provided in the post below.

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Yup. The tier rarity has been in place for quite some time.

As tier rarity increases for higher crystals to become more common - give or take , the bottom tier crystals become not droppable depending on the floor.

At floor 100+, the tier rarity increases by +1 which means calcite no longer drops but every crystal will be +1 tier rarity easier to drop. For eg, Angelite is as common as previous calcite. The obsidian rarity becomes as rare as amethyst in pure drop chances.

Floor 200, Angelite no longer drops but quartz is as common as calcite. However the obsidian rarity becomes as rare as Ruby drop probability which is a lot lower than Obsidian in pure drops but still fairly high rarity.

Floor 300, quartz no longer drops but diamonds are as common as calcite (which is great for maps as beginner) and Obsidian becomes as rare as Garnet in rarity.

Floor 400, Diamonds no longer drop but Larimars become as common as calcite (great for maps also) . The obsidian crystal becomes as rare as zircon.

Floor 500 is where the tier rarity increase drops but Larimars stop dropping but Kyanite becomes as common as calcite. Obsidian is as rare as Jasper .

Obviously other higher crystals of medium or high rarity become very much more common or easier to find too. That’s how it helped me get thousands of Larimars, Diamonds, Kyanites, Sapphires , Fluroites, Emeralds , peridots up to beryl.

When many of these crystals become so much more common, it becomes easier to get higher rarity crystals due to converting and pure drop chances and my crystals of ultra rare crystals is high due to that .

If obsidian is as rare as Jasper , then Jasper is as rare as peridots in floor 500, Topaz is as rare as fluroite and Ruby is as common as Topaz. Floor 500 is praised because of the huge differences due to the +5 tier rarity or 500% crystal rarity as I could probably call it.
Legend maps also greatly help in that regard and it feels like tier rarity indeed , especially eternal maps sometimes .

Doing it on very easy is also amazing on floor 500 or any difficulty you find easy to do.

Floor 500 is always a great choice for crystal farming but of course to really make use of it, High item drops% . Although floor 200 is very good for having full inventory fast with legend drops and more chances of Eternals and crystal legends with Eternalized and Crystalline imo as well as Gold .

Packsize on floor 200 and 500 is amazing for sure.

Floor 200 is the old fashioned method of farming when you compare to floor 500 but it happens to be very good with high item drops.

Monster boost is also fantastic in eternal maps for that packsize and crystal rarity drops but also a higher chance of enslavers increased pet rarity which is likely . Best done when you have a ton of eternal maps packed however and not something many do but it works wonders in floor 500 or any floor for that matter.

You can also salvage down if you have an abundance of mid tier crystals as well.

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Thanks, that worked.

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glad to help :sunglasses: