The game is getting lagger and laggger

Fck! This game is getting lagger and lagger. It’s so hard to log in my account and after I logged in, I cannot do campaign.

So I need to delete game data in order to log in again… But the case is, I need to wait for 3 fcking hours to log in again. This happened to me a lot of times already but I feel fed up today so I need to rant!

That’s a consequence if you abuse the upload/download method. Once you reach the limit youll have to wait for 3 hours before logging in again. To prevent exploiting the game data .

I didn’t abuse it. The game suddenly crashed that I can’t play anymore so I need to re-download it, re-log, and boooom, I still can’t play.

My game has been running really good. Only lag is when i use map with pack, tons of proc and show all damage, which can be resolve if i show only critical damage and don’t use several kind of proc at a time in my pve build, or if i just play offline.

There is a probably in which the game isn’t the problem, maybe is your equipment or the velocity of your internet, or probably your internet is being share by other equipment like TV using Netflix, tablet checking videos at the same time you try to play the game on line, several windows opens in the background of your device with high consumption.

There was a time in which i couldn’t download the game at all; the problem was my internet provider, velocity was lower than it was suppose.

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Its not laggy. You also need to wait for a second once you clicked the campaign mode.