The golden rule of pvp

Enjoy loosing as much as winning

Indeed :ok_hand: . Losing just means you are learning! You learn the limits and weakened see if your build as well as the strengths of both the opponent and you. Failure is the greatest teacher on getting you to improve yourself.

Also being able to experiment also helps.

i would agree but every time failiure slaps on my face hard so i dont like it as a teacher -_-

indeed its a great rule​:joy::joy: experience is the best teacher, but i have my golden rule too​:smile: those stronger than you, make them your inspiration to be motivated to surpass them not to be insecure with them and find ways to pull them down​:joy::joy: thats different anyway im just saying​:joy::joy:

I thought it was, “let the Wookie win”…?


I am not sure what the Wookie said, but I think it sounded like ‘Get Gud’