The Grind!

I’m currently rebuilding my whirling blades rogue as an alternative to crushing flames floorhiking build and It’s going pretty well. It’s pumping out big numbers (100B+) however… I need a few more affixes to complete it. I farmed many hours yesterday for 10 Amethyst, 21 Rubies and 7 Obsidian…
My build is not complete…
RNG gods were not on my side with the rolls :frowning:
Hoping to ‘sort of’ complete it today after a little more grind.
Plz RNGzus


Sauce for build?


feeling your pain. hope your Crafting turns out great.

at the moment, getting ready to get my Wizards Focus to 40 and a second Glasscannon onto my Farm Build… as soon as I get the Crystals… and Gold… then testing it on floor 1005 for lots of damage.


I’ll share it here once I complete it. Nothing too crazy to be fair and it has a lot of room to play around with. I’d call it a very good ‘basic’ build that’s not using too many mythics that most new players could easily pick up and obliterate everything with.

Although chakram and whirling blades are high damage. It suffers from long cd and glaring holes inside it’s whirl pattern. The build uses Elements to plug the gaps and it’s pretty fun to play.
It did initially have mirror cast + specialist. 25% of each respectively and when all procced it was a whirling chainsaw. I have removed both of those in favour of increasing the initial damage as I feel elements 5 does enough.


Good luck with it Golem. I share your passion for creating builds that can ‘push the limit’ without utilising crushing flames as it can make the game pretty linear and mundane/boring.

That’s my personal opinion though if people enjoy crushing flames builds that’s great.


I actually really like Crushing Flames, but it is so easy to use that it makes me feel lazy as a Crafter.

on my farm build, using Rage to get my Crit. Dmg. to +435.9% (with Epiphany (5) and Crit. Chance +75%) and wondering why I’m not using Deadly Strike.

since I want a floor 1005 farm build, I’m thinking of going 2x Crushing Flames, Epiphany, Demonic, & Pathfinder. already have the 2 Nadroji with Bonus affixes that also have Crystal Gold Find & Luck for the foundation of the Build.

right now working on getting Reactor Set… again :roll_eyes: … to speed up monster deaths.

Grind x :100: :exclamation:


Sounds interesting. I’d like to see it once it’s complete. Good luck with it.