The Immortal Build - Our 2 Cents

Nah I’m fine either way, really. Its not like my opinion would do much afterall. Starting a wizard just now, joining the dark side! :joy:

Good luck, it’s a long path :smile:

Rogue immortal. Wouldn’t work that well but I can see it happening. Resource Mythic too good and damage reduction isn’t super hard even for rogue.

First time playing mage tho, lets see how far it’ll take me

@CuzegSpiked dont spoil about rogues it will come sooner or the sooniest

How to defeat immortal build :

This is without needing crits and stuff. It does still take a bit of draws but it’s about surviving which I could do indefinitely for any amount of rounds and that high hit frequency can eventually defeat him at a certain point.


With thats rounds of dealing w/t immortal build you can have 2-3 enemies… that’s why dealing with it is so frustrating :disappointed:

Hence why the build is called ‘frustrating build’. Still I do agree about how frustrating it is to face 3 of them . Also known as immortal build since it technically is immortal unless you have many draws.

Damn with 4800 power in dummy mode , I found that I would deal 200k orb DMG per 0.1 second without crits and DPS of 2-5M million and that’s 12 draws or so.

With immortal build, that damage reduced to 10k but I defeat the build thanks to the draws.

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Defeating them is not easy task even if you have 1k power ,but thanks to them my mind always

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That match was intense brothaa!!! Hahahah that damage reduction is too OP hahaha nc!

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I’m not that good when it comes to recording with an icon on screen but I tried my best :slight_smile: .

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took me 8 draws lul

Your image did not post @Gabby

I dont have the photo now lol but I defeated mandelbrot’s immortal after 8 draws

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immortal? hahahaha funny bonus round build. you dont even need draw to defeat that build, well i cant blame , experience is the best teacher.

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So thats how to defeat Immortal builds :yawning:
Hahahahaha now i get it. You need more Power to kill those immortals and to achieve higher power, you need to draw the round within 6-7 in order to accumulate an average power to kill those wizards and still CRIT will be also useful too to kill those wizard instantly but instead of having crit chance on via obsidian why not on Beryl stone right ? 25% Crit chance is definitely worth it

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Sorry i included Extrahot_V2 hahaha.

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It can be easily to kill when you have atleast 25% Crit chance on via beryl.

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I especially love this picture :grin:!! :heart_eyes: