The Kraken Build Reveal 🐣




My “Life and death burst rouge build” Waiting on it :six_pointed_star::smiling_imp::star_of_david:


I don’t think that anyone HAS to reveal their builds here.

Mr.Scooty revealed the immortal build out of the kindness of his heart, and to level the arena.


My builds are on the site already, "Apocalypse ",“Chimera” and “6 deadly sins” with @Golem. All my other builds are immortal hybrids versions of the Chimera and apocalypse and are posted on @Mr_Scooty s immortal build thread where they truly belong


the Arena is so full of Immortals that they can’t move around without stepping on each others toes.


I’m guessing the kraken build is extremely high hp, defence etc but little offensive other than something diabolical like insane block and dodge with redirect mythic and stacked reflect damage. Just a guess


everyone is going to want their own ‘Immortal Build’, and those that don’t want to make their own will use or slightly change one that is already made. the Arena is changing in many amazing ways that will get your Toon hurt horribly. :slight_smile: that is if they can keep from stepping on each others toes. :smirk:


I like fighting against immortals. You know how dangerous they are because you are one so you have to mess around with everything just to find an edge