The most annoying enemy that you encounter with

why is the worm(D*LDO) has so much DMG. it can 1 hit me all of the time

The worm. It will always be the worm. No one could ever contest the worm in terms of being an annoying piece of brap

I think its because he shot multiple sparks, thus in close range u take em all at once which resulted in one hit. Annoying enemy for warrior :frowning:

even if u are far u still get the annoying 1hit.

Yup. The worm will always be the worst.

It’s immune to stun, blind, taunt, fear(maybe?). The only cc it’s not immune to is Frozen but if it has Frozen Immune, my god it can be a nightmare unless you cause consecutive frozen explosions.

Since it’s immune to stun, it can ruin shock build damage or build that use high voltage. Berserker, Stagger, Bewilder, Paralyze, Mayhem and many things that cause stun don’t stun those works.

It’s also immune to blind , taunt and fear so smoke bomb won’t blind them but it will protect you from one attack. Aftermath doesn’t affect worm since they’re immune to taunt and fear. Same with Haunting. That can ruin the Haunting damage too.

Good thing worm is not immune to elemental crits (except paralyze) as well as bleeds and crushing blows. Deadly strikes and critical damage too.

Worm especially annoying if it’s a mythic enemy that’s immune to basically everything but Frozen Explosions kill it. It’s a nightmare to crushing flames as some mythic enemies are immune to immolation and they take a while to die. Even more so when they cast so many bolts and you’re a close up build.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like challenge which makes campaign map climbing worth it imo as without a challenging mob such as a worm , then it makes it too easy.

Worm is offically the hardest mob lol. Every other mob can be affected by either stun, blind, taunt, fear and frozen. Frozen is the best since no mob is immune to it and even if they are, if you get them close to a frozen explosion site, they are not immune to insane DMG per explosions.

Malum worms definitely

You need to love Blinkstrike more. Once you are inside of the worm, the bolts just pass by. Now you need to worry about its AoE Explosions and Elemental effects! XD

I don’t mind the CC immunity. But the fact that it retreats when you are too far away is annoying. It also resurfaces much faster than a falling Fury. I don’t like being back stabbed. :frowning:

As a noob that had to deal with an IMMORTAL Mythic Mulum back in 1.8, I spent an hour moving it around the map trying to kill it. Sadly, it was immortal. Back then the enemy had up to 5% HP heal per sec or something crasy like that and 300% HP boost. It even had the extra HP affix doubling its HP. I just couldn’t kill it… I cried at the loss of my eternal item since they were so much harder to get back then.

Thanks to that guy, I learnt how to not die against Mythic Mulums. Chipping down their HP indefinitely is a skill that has been forged into my being. Never more will there be an Immortal Mulum!

I agree with everyone. Mulums are the worse. Death to them all.


Awesome! Also you remind me of the time when I was a newbie in 1.8 or so. I faced like a horde of epic enemies, one legend enemy and one mythic enemy.

It took 30 minutes to kill and it felt like an actual boss battle from a feat but little did I know that they weren’t supposed to be that hard. Then I killed all the epic spikes but legend enemy comes.
I defeat it and then a god forsaken mythic enemy that happened to be a worm. That Malum was immortal and I lost like 6M gold that day. RIP eternal item also. Never again will there be immortal enemies after that harsh lesson or boss battle-like situations.

Yup Blinkstrike is cool because of this reason :slight_smile: .

The worst kind of mobs are actually Zombie Worms.

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Zombie worms are worst :explodyparrot:

Zombie enemies are very nasty !
How the bug work ? Will zombies drop items when they “die” ?

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Zombie don’t die but the mob does drop items before they zombified and ghostified .

I did notice that less zombies in patch 3.0.

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zombies are easy to dodge, worms are so annoying. btw they get frozen to so easy kill for frozen build. I hope no mythic worm for me my biuld is not enough to kill a worm

But if you get zombie worms that actually shoot and not slowed down or frozen by ice and your build is slow or so, they can catch up to you and really ruin your day, even with lag. Good thing that is becoming rarer now.

last time I get a zombie horde, epic zombie horde of trolls. they just keep throwing rocks at me. its like a summon fury hahaha​:sob::sob::sob:

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when the map has a 200% TNT PROPS

STAY AWAY FROM GRASS​:sob::sob::sob:

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I always get zombie mobs whenever I farm but they don’t attack. Is it because of Frozen?

There are also invisible zombie mobs which my skullshield always attacks

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nope, zombies don’t get frozen if they can’t hit u that’s a good thing

Less lag in 3.0 and less zombies,good :blush:
I’m too dependent taunt skill,so still face zombies sometimes.But they become lovely after I know they willing give me items :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Mythic worm+exploding skill! Like wtf nvm that eternal item cant kill that retard…