The pvp points are void if you delete the game from your phone?

I played in arena until ive get into 2v2 legend rank. After it i needed space on my phone so ive deleted the game . now i inatalled it again and im in common league . how?

Did you log into your account? This problem didn’t happen to me when I uninstalled and the pvp points do most definitely get saved in dq cloud.

That’s odd, pvp points is saved on the server not your phone storage.
As CuzegSpiked said, did you login?
If you’ve logged in try to do a battle, your rank should be back to normal again.
If it does not work, contact support for help

Oh thanks for clearing it up. I actually meant it was saved on server but I didn’t really know until you cleared it up :slight_smile: . Also, if I lost a certain amount of progress becz I forgot to save, the points are there. Yea as I said, did you login?