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Battlemage too ?




Perfect for a packsize map! When having meteor crater and so many enemies in one spot, a huge chain explosion and lag my screen but enemies died fast.


Do we have a list of “rollable set affixes thread”?

-also unrollable legend affixes. tia


In the wiki u can see if legendary affixes are rollable unfortunatly the wiki does not include set affixes



I would like to know sth about eternal pets…
when does the roll system decide about eternal or “normal” legend?
is it rolled before the item drops onto the ground or before i pick it up?


before it drops u can see it shining green on ground ;D


ok thank you…
because i thought if i see a red pet on the ground i could equip “eternalized” to get it green :slight_smile:


Question regarding elements;

How does the game process multiple elements on different pieces of my equipment? For ex. If I have ice + Freezing on my pistol, and fire + immolate, blistering on my OH, and I shoot the enemy with pistol, will they freeze and take DoT from the fire?


That’s only if it’s a drop from the Kill Mythic Enemies feat. Otherwise it looks like a regular legend until you pick it up and it’s shiny green or cyan in your bags.


Mh weapon will shoot the elements of the mh and oh is different story. If you freeze the enemies and you have 3x frostbiting, you can then use fire elements and the fire attack will deal 4x more dmg due to hitting a frozen enemies with frostbiting. The bleed in itself is also triggered. The frozen case I don’t think will be there though if fire dot is put there. Not sure it is efficient but it’s worth a try.

You can also have ice and shock as a nice combo. Main has ice with frozen. Hirling can have shock. Frostbiting increases dmg in general if enemies are frozen and high voltage increases dmg in general if enemies are paralysed. If done right, a loophole can be done. Good with amplify too. The hirling shocks many enemies and paralyses alot of them then you use your frozen attack. It will deal 4x more dmg if you have 300% high voltage. Then if hirling or you strike again, that attack will be 4x stronger with 300% frostbiting and this loop keeps going. This helps make sure you have a higher dmg before frozen explosion. It loops and loops on a hard group until you deal enough dmg to do it. Amplify loops it even more. When this combo is established, you constantly deal x times dmg then a different version of x dmg and so on. The enemies will be very paralysed, slowed and frozen too. This is theory but if put into practice, it will work hopefully. I haven’t tried this one personally.

Fire and ice is a meh really. It’s better for fire and shock actually. Fire and shock meant to boost bleed dmg as much as possible to defeat enemies in under a few seconds with inferno. I have tried this combo and I had great success with it and without relying on hirlings. It does still work and pretty efficient with hirling though.

Poison and shock can work though. Hirling could be a shocking hirling with lots of high voltage. Main character be green garden. The hirling goes first and if he has 600% high voltage or more, thats good. Then you attack with poison and poison cloud. Since poison already does huge dmg, it will do 7x more dmg when it hits paralysed enemies with 600% high voltage. Epic dmg will be dealt too. Haven’t tried this combo personally but theoretically, its really good.

These combinations are real good but they require such high dmg to be multiplied so ALOT of planning and crystals. The green garden and shock idea though is the easiest to try out. Obviously an aim on how high a dmg you will deal too.
Amplify is a great combo for all of these combos but if you don’t have wizard, thats fine too. Relentless is good for anything super high dmg if you’re rogue.


[quote=“CuzegSpiked, post:1085, topic:2345, full:true”]Not per hit so not all bullets will have chance to trigger it.

This is not true:


You are close. Any skill with a CD > 1s will just use the Proc Chance as Chance/Cast.


Proc Chance = (Chance/Sec) = (Chance/Cast) * (Cast/Sec) -> (Chance/Cast) = (Chance/Sec) / (Cast/Sec)

Chance/Cast is capped at Chance/Sec.
The Aftermath Set abuses this system in 3 ways:

  1. It does not reduce CD but resets CD so Chance/Cast = Proc Chance (Since the CD of both Meteor and Shatter >1s)
  2. You are consistently alternating between 2 skills (So you basically do 2 Casts/Sec at increased Chance/Cast)
  3. You are CONTINUOUSLY attacking (Scatter moves you and Meteor moves the enemy. You do not need to waste time traveling and can concentrate on ALWAYS attacking)


Yup. Aftermath is just that good. Fits well in green garden if done right. It can also fit well in proc builds and certain other themes of build. However, meteor isn’t the most damaging thing and not all builds need aftermath. Aftermath is a cool set affix though. Also thanks for showing me that I’m wrong :wink: .


Thanks Cuzeg you seem like an expert on the topic :smiley:
at the moment I want to say though that I’m wanting to see if it’s possible to proc multiple elemental criticals from a single character, i.e. which I plan to utilize in PvP mode.

So… As I’m not thinking this through, I guess my main question is: Can a build (for a single character) only have 1 activat-able element, or can it have more than 1?

So say my pistol is ice element and has 15% Freezing elem crit affix. But my other gear is, say, Electric element with Paralyze elem crit. When I shoot a bullet, I know that I’ll have a chance to freeze the enemy, but will I also have a chance to Paralyze them since my other gear is electric w/ Paralyze crit %?


If your bullets have ice, it will only freeze, not paralyse. However, the hirling or your other elements special like shock can still be used onto the enemies right after you shot the bullet to dmg frozen enemies. You can use this to your advantage really. If your attack is ice but the gears have the opposite elememtal crit, those elemental crits don’t count towardw the ice attack. If you only use ice, they don’t count at all. The only ones tbat do count are the elemental crits called freeze.

It is generally better to use ruby elemental crit because it will give 30% of any elemental crit to an attack regardless of whether you change the element of the gear its on. Obviously it gives more elemn crits too.


What about when primatic is used? Does it change all specific elemental crits like toxic and freeze to the same Crit?


If you use poison, toxic is given. If it switches ice, nothing happens unless you use 30% elemental crit legendary affix or wizardry 20.

If you do have 30% elemental crit when poison switches to ice, your ice attack has chance to freeze. I don’t know but I think ice cage gets taken off with poison cloud.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


K thanks… and poop. Going to have to swap out toxic once I get some more rubies.


Quick question what would add the highest DPS:

item Raknarok:
+50% weapon dmg mythstone

so should i remove the ED DMG for deadly strike crystal and the ED% for glasscanon or something like that ?
Is it worth to keep the 50%DMG mythstone or should i use a Elemental crit affix or push the limit ?

In the wiki and emmans info thread regeneration is not rollable i though i saw it last time i rolled and Ruby so lets get to the point … is it rollable or not ?