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Is there somewhere to find a list of affixs for specific gems. Like all the possible ruby and crystaline affixs?

Best info available. There is more to it than the info below. You can ask any of us and we can help. First post below is crystal crafting restrictions. Second post is affix list - you need to tie the affix to the crystal type (crystal/cyan = obsidian, green/sets = amethyst, legend = ruby, epic = topaz, normal = angelite etc).

from my personal experience skilled is the best option for armor. i just updated my set and will post my build for farming 1000+ with ease.

Thanks @Mr_Scooty. I couldn’t open it on this phone tho. How do you remove legendary affixes to create 4 open spots for the runestones so the item will be mythical? Or do you just use magic items and build them? @chunkiebone… What do you mean skilled armor?

skilled mythic. see my set on the link below:

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The second link I provided was an excel file. Use crystal Kyanite to remove legend affixes. You can remove all affixes with kyanite except bonus affix and cyan/obsidian.

Affixes below. Skills/Talents in link are Epic/Topaz.

Crystal descriptions below by Griffin.

How to create mythical items and recipes.


Skilled mythic doesn’t work with discordance orb im pretty sure. Would be op if it did right?

Thanks @Mr_Scooty. That will help alot. So the affixes arent class specific ? Anyone can get any affix on any item by chance correct?. @chunkiebone… What gem adds the skill affix?

Talents and skills are class specific. Some sets are class specific. When you are trying to obtain a specific epic affix, you can use sapphire to reroll that affix until you get what you need. After you obtain the epic affix, you can use fluorite to reroll and obtain the max value. Just make sure the item level is 100%. GL

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Just wondering. if I’m using 2 zenith in armor, will all my attacks have a 100% pierce chance? Or must it be projectile to actually pierce?

If I enter arena in one on one …will it update my 2 vs 2 with gear I have or do I have to enter 2 vs 2 for it to change?

No. You need to enter 2v2 if you want the change to take place. The server will retain the last 2v2 configuration and AI settings you utilized after your last 2v2 match.

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Question: is it true that Elixir seems to effect hero points of any weapon skill regardless of class. I found that when I used an Elixir Mythstone on my Chakram, it seemingly upgraded the orb in hero points even though I can’t see it as I’m rogue. I noticed the orb was a little slower but a little higher hit frequency. Otherwise it’s still pretty good regardless. I felt the effects but I don’t really know if it’s placebo.
I heard about this claim long ago but only now I actually tested and it seems to work.

Last question: I think Arcanist can stack from hirling as I saw that guide about Arcanist that @f00kee made and the video demonstrated that Arcanist from hirling can be stacked with the other Arcanist. I thought it does stack as it’s a debuff but I haven’t really tested yet so I’m doubtful. I suppose I’ll test today.

Edit: tested it today, Arcanist does stack with hirling and that’s op and awesome! I was trying to get such a high power number but I didn’t think it was possible in single mode. Hirling ftw.

@Ksyc , if you get 100% pierce chance by Zenith, it means all attacks that pass into an enemy can now 100% pierce. Should only work on projectiles . This means it works on Barrage (wand primary), pierce skill and throwsword already pierce so it isn’t changed, flintlock ricochet is probably effected, guidedshot and toss or scalp (if they don’t pierce already).

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The way Angelic set is worded makes it seem like the healing portion will work with skills that have exactly 1 second cooldown and the damage/aps portion won’t work with them? Will that change if the player have some cooldown reduction or is it purely based on the base cooldown? (Wondering if I can get it to work with sprint).

If im wearing 6 mytical pieces are they all active? And if only one is active how do i know which one?

can i use amethyst to get the scoundrel affix?

you cannot put 2 mythstones on a single item afaik

You mean mythics? Mythics are always active as soon as the legend turns purple. Obviously get one of each mythic on each type of gear that works such as cosmic orb for weapon, nova for offhand , brutal for chest, harmony for helm, resource mythic or ring mythic on ring, sanctuary or empyrean on amulet as mythics or any other possible mythics on each gear piece. Mythstones are always active too but only if you can actually use it.

For example , the all sets Mythstone (Elixir) is active as the set numbers can turn from 1 to 5. up on hit mythstones are active as attacks recover HP. Multi attack mythstones and pierce mythstones are active as soon as you can use them so like barrage can pierce and multi attack for example.

@chunkiebone , yes you can get scoundrel by amethyst and I think you need the item to be wizard I believe or any class.

  1. how does Arcanist work exactly? I’m not sure if I notice the %dmg increase by debuff.
  2. soon I’ll have to choose Ascension 4: Accomplished or Enshrined? The first one seems interesting, but would the second provide more experience for the next level?
  3. do you put any mythic on wizard’s offhands? They seem quite crap…
  4. do you put any mythic on Nadroji amulet? That would sacrifice a lot of cool red affixes…

thanks a bunch