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does elemental crit damage adds a lot of damage to the final damage calculation? what benefits do we get from these?

Can Elemental Critical happen on elites? I feel like I’ve spammed at some lone epic/legend/mythic enemies for a long time without any poison clouds showing up.

I know they can be damaged by clouds spawned from normal enemies, but I feel like they never spawn when it’s just the elite.

They can be spawned on any enemy but there is at least a 3 second cooldown before you can cause another and if they already have the element on them they have a tendency not too get elementally crited :smile:

It makes it take so long to kill them with a Plagued build and the legend guy spawns after everything else in the map is dead ><

Yeah but it is super important for performance if it wasn’t there what happens with cerebral vortex in arena would happen with poisen clouds and they can already cause lag as it is

Hey guys,

just two quick ones: Generating Block on Warrior converting to Wizard makes the Wizard block right?
Block/Dodge: Is it that if Dodge fails Block will be checked?

:kissing_heart: Mid

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Block will only ever work on warrior. If you jasper an item with block to another class, the block affix still stays there but using block on other classes just doesn’t work.

2nd point, if a dodge didn’t trigger, there is a chance that block triggers next. High block and dodge is extremely essential for survival as a warrior. 45% block (crystal affix) with bulwark and 50% dodge (30% from crystal affix, 10% from dexterity and 10% dodge that you already have) is very good survival combo.

Block as it says blocks and nullifies an attack, dodge is similar thing but your dodging the attack when got hit by an attack. Both are really good for warrior class. Warrior is one of the best classes in terms of survival on high floor and with high dps.

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So it goes something like this?

  • Enemy attack hits you
    1. Random check, see if dodged.
    2. If dodge fails, random check, see if blocked
    3. If block fails, the hit lands. Use damage reduction to see how hard it hits.

That is right but the 3rd one could go either way, block fail but dodge could hit but next hit could be hit or another block or dodge and so on until u get hit. Not sure but I think block may be able to block dots but I haven’t seen it blocking dots. Dodge I know for sure doesn’t stop dots though.

Test it yourself to see the effects and let me know if you can. Dodge can be got easy from obsidian or crystal legend and same with block from crystal legend or obsidian

It sounds like an op surival combo, especially if your rarley touched and deal extreme dmg, hachimon is a great eg of a build like that (also known as crono gift) and in case they may get hit, stealth to survive for a second if need be.

Pathfinder with dodge is obviously a powerful thing for dmg increase and block goes good with bulwark. For shield builds, block can increase shield dmg too with crush talent.

Hello, I was wondering what is the purpose of the skill stealth. i use it but I dont see anything.

I was wondering… do you get anything good out of buying the gear from the store? Or is it a waste of gold in terms of hoping for a powerful item?

you get good sometimes. i always buy the legends when they’re available and i like to obtain something in their category (specially chakrams). got around 3 eternals that i keep and 1 currently using so far.

grants you 100% dodge. has internal cd of 4 secs which means if you used it while it’s cooling down internally it won’t trigger

question: does the rogue talent fletcher stacks with aspd though it’s maxed, e.g. i have 60 attack speed, selecting this would increase my attack speed to 80 or it’s still capped at 60%?

Fletcher is independent of the attack speed cap. It takes your total bow aps and multiplies it by 1.2 (20%).

Q1 Is there a set formula for how total damage reduction is calculated?

Q2 Does the reflect affix reflect x% of your mh damage before buffs like the power stat are factored in, or after?

Q3 Is there any sort of website that theoretical builds can be made on, prior to testing them in game?

I just answered your 1st question a few posts above. I suggest reading the whole question thread or if you’re not up to doing that, at least use the search function.

damage reduction is multiplicative.

final dmg = orig dmg * (1-DR1) * (1-DR2) * (1-DR3) … and so on

just fill in the values for the DR’s

DR due to armor = {armor / [armor + (enemy level * 1000)]} * 100%

Example: Your Equivalence DR is 50%, Shieldwall DR at 40%. Armor DR at 50%. Your total DR% will be:

Total DMG Reduction % = {1 - [(1 - 0.5) * (1 - 0.4) * (1 - 0.5)]} * 100% = 85%

Another way to look at it is through the damage dealt to you:

Final DMG = Original DMG * (1 - 0.5) * (1 - 0.4) * (1 - 0.5)
Final DMG = Original DMG * (0.5) * (0.6) * (0.5)
Final DMG = Original DMG * (0.15)

Thanks about the info on the survival combo for warriors. Are you sure about Block only being for Warriors?!


  • Yesterday I purchased an epic orb, and it had block on it (why would that be possible if it doesn’t work for wizards?)
  • Before that I jaspered a shield with block to orb and equiped it. The increase of damage reduction (shown in the Defense tab) translated 1:1 to the block rate on the shield.

Is block and/or dodge nerfed at higher floors?

All the best, Mid

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Yup I am completely sure


EDIT: @Midlumer

I am completely wrong. Recently I learnt from @SteigerBox that block works on every class but only warrior can roll the affix. However since you can jasper any item you want, you can get block on any offhand jaspered into warrior then jasper back to your own class.

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@ilidan371 for starters, there’s no need for that kind of response to human oversight. I did read the thread, the formulas section of the codex and looked on the wikia. I must have simply missed your comment.

If anyone has answers for q2 and q3, I’d really appreciate it.